Courses Taught

PSY101 – Introductory Psychology: Biological Foundation and Cognitive Processes

This is one-half of a two-semester introduction to psychology. The course is about the nervous system as it pertains to behavior and cognition.

PSY/SOC206 – Research Statistics

Basic theory, principles and applications of statistics in behavioral science research.

PSY207 – Research Design and Methods

Fundamentals of research methodology in psychology. Topics include experimental, quasi-experimental and descriptive research designs, internal and external validity and research ethics.

PSY/BIO285 – Animal Behavior

Development, ecology and causation of animal behavior. Emphasis on comparative analysis of mechanisms underlying the production of species-specific behavior.

PSY311 – Animal and Human Learning (formerly Learning and Memory)

Principles of learning, behavioral change and motivation in humans and other animals. Emphasis on conceptual, methodological and theoretical findings in classical, operant and observational learning, with a focus on application in a variety of settings.

PSY315 – Cognitive Neuroscience

Human cognition and perception and their neurophysiological correlates as revealed by functional imaging techniques and clinical populations. Selected topics include basic neuroanatomy and brain imaging techniques and their application to the study of attention, memory imagery, concept formation, language, problem solving, creative thinking and intelligence.

PSY400 – Research in Cognitive Neuroscience

Seminars focusing on research in area of psychology. The specific research topic in each section of the class will be determined by the individual class instructor. Students will conduct collaborative research projects in the designated research area.

PSY440 – Directed Research

Directed research courses are open to junior and senior majors to work with a faculty member on a project related to particular field of intellectual or artistic interest.